The birdwell difference

Two major features make us stand out:

Our FULL INTERNATIONAL concept. The complementary nature of all our FULLY INTERNATIONAL services means that we can boost your performance on the international scene. Tell us about your international projects and we will tell you about our solutions.

Our key values: the Birdwell Spirit While everyone focuses on the performance of tools, our values focus on human relations, custom solutions and the results that our customers expect: that's the BIRDWELL SPIRIT

What they have to say...


The Birdwell spirit


""The Birdwell spirit for me is a friendly family atmosphere. The trainers are (for me) more than just teachers: they are happy to put themselves at our level, and they show great reserves of patience. I think they're great, and when you "play the game" the classes are a pleasure and I really feel like I'm making lots of progress. I feel this especially just now because I've been in Koeberg since 8/3/11 and the "Birdwell" style is very useful for me in everyday life. Roll on the next lesson (I still have a few hours left) … "

""I want to thank all the trainers, the hostess and the entire Birdwell team for their hospitality and the quality of my English training.""
Sébastien CHALAYE - Division Ingénierie des Améliorations SFIEE AREVA NP