Certified/sworn translation

Do you need to provide a translation of administrative documents recognized by the authorities and usable for all notarial deeds in another country?

What you need is a sworn or certified translation. What is that, you may ask?

It is simply a translation certified by a translator under oath: an expert translator who, in France, for example, performs a public function recognized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Birdwell has a network of efficient and responsive sworn translators affiliated to the main Courts of Appeal and Courts of First Instance in France, who have been selected and tested by their Court of Appeal on the basis of their academic and professional experience, and have been sworn in after a probationary period of several years. They are trained and aware of the requirements of certified translation: impeccable style and translations that are entirely consistent with the original.

For your information, to be officially valid, the translated document must be:

  • An original
  • Dated, signed and stamped by the sworn translator

List of documents handled by sworn translators

Birth or death certificate Adoption file
Criminal record International tender
Bailiff's order Documents relating to immigration
Diploma Urban planning notice
Notorial deed Driving licence



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