Creating a space dedicated to language training

Type of business: Building materials
SubjectCreating a space dedicated to language training: “Language Corner”
Implementing the best solutions for the largest number of participants

I find the workshop format very interesting because we discover in detail English-speaking expressions and situations, and because of the group size and interactive approach we can use role plays and simulations to put these into practice.
Guillaume M. - Project Manager, IS/IT Department

Our client operates in 64 countries. Its Technology Center houses over 500 scientists, engineers, technicians and experts.
The official site language is English and most employees, have contacts in this language on a daily basis.
Over the last ten years, the Group's strategy has been to focus on emerging markets such as India and China.
English has become essential, which is why those in charge of training want to create a permanent space offering varied and appropriate learning solutions for all employees.
Opening the " Language Corner": a space dedicated to training and consultation :
  1. The trainer is present three days a week with two classrooms
  2. 3 self-service workstations (for e-learning)
  3. Relaxation area with coffee machine
  4. Library from which media can be borrowed
Group classes organized by level and professional needs (possibly other groups of the same level).
“Upkeep” : 30 minute consultations on a subject proposed by the trainee (meeting preparation, document proofreading, writing e-mails…). Time slot previously booked on "Language Corner" page on the intranet for all.
“Last Minute Check”: “Upkeep” solution with no booking requirement for everyone.
“Workshops”: Fifteen 3-hour workshops on professional themes throughout the year with three entry levels: pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper intermediate for all.
E-learning : personalized six-month course adapted to level and needs. Progress monitored by Birdwell trainers in the "Language Corner".
Trainees take Upkeep appointments in parallel.
• Investing in a space dedicated to language training to demonstrate that learning tools are in keeping with the company's ambitions.
Facilitate work in an international and intercultural context for the various "companies" on the site at any level of seniority.
Simplified access to training for a greater number of staff.
• Anyone can take a blended course suited to their business needs.
• The “Language Corner” bears witness to the company's ambitions of being able to work on the international scene.