The culture mastery 4 c’s progress™ program


What is the Culture Mastery 4 Cs Process?™

The Culture Mastery 4 C 's Process helps people understand the reasons for their emotional reaction to a professional activity and/or facility in a different culture, and provides them with tools to develop cultural understanding and competence in the context of a professional mission in a multicultural environment.

How does it work?

The process is based on the following elements:

C - CALCULATE.  The first step of the Culture Mastery 4 C 's Process is to create an indicator based on an appraisal. Participants calculate their preferences in terms of 11 cultural variables, identifying their own cultural pattern. They are then able to compare this pattern to that of their staff / colleagues / partners abroad, and then calculate the difference between their respective preferences.
C – CHOOSE.  The second step in the process is to help participants to choose the cultural variables they consider negotiable and non-negotiable.
C – CHANGE.  In the third step of the 4C process, participants learn to change their cultural attitudes and behavior when faced with a different culture.
C – CREATE.  In the fourth step of the of 4 C process, tools for creating cultural alliances are taught to participants for the variables they consider as being non-negotiable.

Can anyone take this test?

This tool is specially designed for managers and executives who want to improve their intercultural understanding and their professional effectiveness in a multicultural context.

What use will it be for me?

The 4 C process is a highly effective tool ideally suited to the development of intercultural sensitivity, to preparing an assignment, as well as for coaching and team building activities for intercultural teams.