Develop your cultural intelligence



Improve the quality of discussion in a multicultural context


Work efficiently with people from different cultures


  • Be able to identify the impact of cultural diversity on organizations and projects
  • Be able to decode cultural differences (cultural inventory)
  • Be able to communicate effectively with people from different cultures


Course content

 Understanding the concept of culture

  • Defining culture
  • The impact of culture on the world of business
  • The principles of intercultural communication and transactions

  Diagnosing cultural differences in a professional context

  • Become aware of your own cultural profile
  • Become aware of your level of cultural Intelligence
  • Identify national cultures and their impact on management styles
  • Levers and pitfalls of cultural diversity

 Be more hard-hitting in an intercultural context

  • techniques for adapting to, and managing differences
  • Rules to be respected in intercultural communication
  • Approach to working with multicultural teams
  • The rational mind and the enjoyment of debates and confrontations

  Conclusion and practical advice

  • The dominant points of the course
  • A personalized action plan
  • Interactive learning: alternating theory and practice
  • Self-diagnosis test: "Culture Mastery 4 C's Process ™ Program "
  • Discussions and feedback on participants’ experiences
  • Quiz