DISC behavioral assessment

Evaluate and adapt your behavior in different situations

What is DISC?

DISC is the  universal language of observable human  behavior. Education, experience, values ​​or intelligence are not measured by DISC. It simply measures the behavior of an individual, or in other words, the way he communicates. Once you are familiar with the DISC language, you can understand and evaluate your type of behavior, then adjust it in a communicative situation.

What does DISC measure?

The DISC Success Insights evaluation can accurately measure four behavioral dimensions:

  • The response of an individual confronted with problems or challenges⇒ Dominance
  • The method adopted by an individual to convince others ⇒ Influence
  • The response of an individual to the rhythm of his environment⇒ Stability
  • The response of an individual to rules and procedures ⇒ Compliance

What can this assessment do for me?

The results of the DISC Success Insights evaluation highlight the representative levels of an individual in each of these four criteria, establishing a kind of natural, adjusted behavior that is specific to him/her. DISC reports allow everyone to understand the behaviors specific to certain situations and effectively adjust their communication accordingly.