Language learning for everyone



Feel more comfortable in your international relations

Our English language training courses are designed to order, after analysing your goals and your level.

An avant-garde approach

We offer group courses within your company. For English, we have developed a method designed to increase the speaking time of each participant, allowing you to achieve your goals more easily than with conventional methods.

A choice of learning options

  • ŒŒYou can also follow individual courses, customized according to your needs.
  • ŒŒAlternatively, you can learn by telephone or using virtual classroom technology, wherever you may be.
  • ŒŒWe can provide blended learning solutions that combine different teaching methods: telephone, e-learning, face-to-face and virtual classroom.
  • For businesses, we offer a large number of thematic workshops to help you perfect your English in specialized areas such as welcoming visitors, finance, technical language, etc.
  • ŒŒWe offer residential one or two week courses in England with our partner Accent.

To help us provide you with a quote, a detailed and personalized study is offered free of charge.