How is my foreign language level assessed?

Before the start of your training, your level is measured on a scale in Normalized Hours (NH).
This scale allows us to define your language behavior, and so offer training tailored to your level and needs.
Your progress is measured by tests carried out in the middle and at the end of your training.

Who is responsible for my training course?

The client supervisor in charge of your company's account with us.
His/her name is given in your learning contract.
He/she will answer any questions you may have about the content of your course.

Who is responsible for my schedule?

Training schedules are managed by our Planning department.
If the schedule sent to you is not to your liking, or if you just want to postpone or cancel a lesson, please send your request by e-mail(planning@birdwell.fr) to enable us to keep track of changes.
You can also reach us by phone if needed.
Please note: you should not make schedule changes with your instructor.

If I cancel a lesson, is it automatically replaced?

No. For a lesson to be replaced, you must have indicated your desire to cancel at lease 48 hours beforehand.

Will I always have the same trainer?

For foreign language training, not unless you specifically request this.
There are two advantages: you get to hear different accents, and your schedule can be better tailored to your requirements.

Do you have any other questions? Send them to us and we will add them to the list.