France – China intercultural management

Type of business: Industry
Subject: France – China intercultural management
Intercultural Management with 12 Chinese mechanical engineers and their French tutors
This Birdwell program was essential for me and my colleagues to develop an understanding and appreciation of the French way of work... - Monsieur Wang - Mechanical engineer
With a view to ramping up itsplant based in Shanghai, our client, a major French industrial group, seconded 12 engineers from Suzhou and Shanghai from the Chinese subsidiary to France in order to train for a year on the production tools.
These Chinese managers were accompanied on their arrival in France by French tutors from the world R&D center.
The aim was to get this Franco-Chinese team to work efficiently, given that the French engineers neededto optimize their experience with Chinese culture and that most of the Chinese engineers had traveled very little outside China.
• Seminar for the French tutors on Chinese culture and values with "Managing a Chinese team"
• Seminar for the Chinese engineers on French culture and values "Working 
efficiently with the French"

• Learning to collaborate in a Franco-Chinese team with the "Cross Cultural Team building" coaching session.
• Encourage team spirit and confidence by mutual recognition of cultural values
Optimize relationships and cooperation between the French and Chinese teams
Increase and enhance the competence of the Chinese subsidiary by transfer of knowledge from the French tutors
Awareness by both groups, of cultural imprints and potential areas of misunderstanding. This work has led to an efficient and harmonious collaboration throughout the whole project
• Joint construction of a Franco-Chinese team culture
The Chinese subsidiary has gained in durability on its local and Asian markets by adapting this technology and by creating a common culture