Funding your training


Training plan

In France, training courses available in your company may be part of the training plan managed by your HRD. Your employer is responsible for this.

To be entitled to such training, the legal arrangements in place in your company need to be clearly defined, together with the conditions in which the DIF (individual right to training) can be transferred when you change company.

Work experience period

By alternating theoretical and practical training, work experience periods are designed to promote the continued employment of employees who hold permanent contracts, especially those who have been working for 20 years or are aged at least 45 and have been at least one year in the last company that employed them.

Holders of contracts to assist integration into the job market (contrat unique d’insertion - CUI) are also entitled to these schemes.

Individual right to training - DIF

The law allows all employees to receive 20 hours of training per year, up to 120 hours over 6 years with agreement from their employer. It entitles you to training in connection with your personal project if you are employed with a permanent contract and have been working for at least one year in your company or of if you have held a fixed-term contract for at least four months during the last 12 months. You training is formalized by a written agreement with your employer. Each year, your HRD will inform you in writing of the total number of hours of entitlement