Leading and speaking in a meeting or negotiation

Type of businessNuclear Power
SubjectRunning or taking part in a meeting and mastering the art of negotiation while perfecting ones English
Improve employees' impact in their dealings with clients and subcontractors

I have taken part in different training programmes with Birdwell focused on English for business over the last 6 months. Great atmosphere, appropriate excercices, good advice. Working with people with the same level and centres of interest was particularly good. - Mathilde M. - Project Manager

Our client is a French industrial group specializing in the nuclear business. The company operates internationally with a sales network in 100 countries and industrial facilities in 43 countries. Its activities are mainly related to nuclear energy and to a lesser extent to other forms of energy (such as wind power). Birdwell and this client have been partners for over 25 years.
English for leading and taking part in a meeting

Communication and meetings: the impact of language and cultural differences
How to convince and be persuasive
• Managing questions
• Preparing and presenting several case studies in small groups. The participants are coached by the trainer throughout the session
Preparing for the final negotiation
• Thefinal negotiation, filmed; viewing the meeting, followed by a feedbacksession.

Help employees to maximize their impact in meeting and negotiation situations

Help improve the quality of staff participation

Help the customer's staff to be effective in intercultural meeting situations