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Languages ​​in the world

The 21 most common languages ​​are spoken by 70% of people throughout the world. 94% of the population speak the first 74 languages, but these represent only 1% of all languages, so the remaining 99% are shared by just 6% of people. Although it is difficult to give exact figures, the most spoken mother-tongue language is Mandarin, or Traditional Chinese, with about 900 million speakers. As the mother tongue of around 400 million people, Spanish has moved into second position, ahead of English, with about 350 million native speakers. When all speakers, including non-natives, are taken into account, English comes out on top, with about 1.5 billion speakers, against approximately 1 billion for Chinese and around 500 million for Spanish (source: Wikipedia).

Languages ​​at Birdwell

While learning English is the major concern of most French people, we are witnessing increasing numbers of requests in other dominant languages ​​, especially Chinese, as a logical consequence of the economic development taking place in China.

In addition to English and French as a foreign language, we offer courses in Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Portuguese..

Customized organization

  • We offer individual courses, tailored to your needs and your level.
  • ŒŒYou have a free level test and a needs analysis before you decide to learn with us.
  • All our trainers teach their mother tongue.