Our training success stories

A major French manufacturer of sports and leisure equipment used Birdwell to help employees keep up their English in an atmosphere that is both relaxed and structured, and to encourage group language training.  


A leader in the nuclear industry uses Birdwell to train its employees in writing emails in English, so they can express themselves clearly in writing.  

To optimize its employees’ skills, a major group in the nuclear energy sector asked Birdwell to help with preparing meetings and negotiations.

To help its employees to deliver professional quality presentations in English, a service company in the field of computer engineering asked Birdwell to implement vocational training over two days..  
To facilitate understanding and promote teamwork between 12 Chinese mechanical engineers and their French tutors, a major French industrial group has chosen to work with Birdwell for intercultural management.  
To improve collaboration and negotiations between the Russian and French project managers, a large French industrial group called on Birdwell’s intercultural experts.  
To facilitate exchanges between engineers and German and Spanish project managers, a key player in the nuclear industry asked Birdwell to help coordinate multicultural teams.  
To facilitate Mr. D’s expatriation and assimilation of the cultural norms of South Africa, a major German chemical group uses Birdwell’s intercultural experts.  

To improve labor relations and work flow, a big name in the health sector asked Birdwell to work with American and French teams in their respective countries.

A renowned higher education institution called on Birdwell’s intercultural coaching to assist in the preparation of lectures in English.