Révision & Correction

Have your staff written documents or translated them into a language other than their own?

The stylistic and grammatical quality of a document released under your company name necessarily reflects on your professionalism and branding.

Taking care with such documents will guarantee a positive image!

Before you put them on line or print them, Birdwell offers proofreading and revision of your documents or final proofs in more than eighty languages.

Have your translations reread and revised and enjoy peace of mind as you publish them

Birdwell obviously has its network of third-party reviewers / proof-readers, as revision is a compulsory stage after translation (in keeping with European standards - because a translator is "too close" to his text) - but we also have additional quality assurance procedures for your important documents.

These proofreading and editing procedures are billed by the hour, since the working time required varies depending on the level of sophistication of the source and the quality of the original writing.

You can entrust us with:

  • Proofreading/correction of DTP proofs, so that your final document will be ready for publication.
  • Expert proofreading of a translated document: our expert linguists seek out and correct misprints, grammar, syntactic or typographical mistakes. They also hunt down stylistic errors and mistakes of terminology specific to highly specialized areas, thereby improving the clarity and consistency of the document.
  • In-depth revision: we look for inconsistencies between the source document and its translation, to optimize the style and fluidity of the final document.


In proofreading or revision, or in having more information?


Proofreading a translation
"Your proofreading exceeded my expectations and I will spread the word within our organization to let them know how fruitful and enjoyable our collaboration has been."