Successful business presentations in English

Type of businessService company in the field of computer engineering
SubjectSuccessful business presentations in English
Improve the quality of professional presentations in an inter-company

In this training course I particularly liked the practical tools that we were given to produce better presentations. Not an English lesson, but a real communications course.- Guillaume C. - IT consultant

Keltouma C. and William C. do not have the same
job, but they share the same professional need of being
able to deliver effective presentations
Our client is a French service company in computer engineering,
founded in 1991.
In 2011, the company employed 2200 people
in France, spread over fourteen sites.
Its client company, based near Lyon, was founded in 1880 and is present in
60 countries. It specializes in the design, development, manufacture
and marketing of specialty ingredients for formulas for
health and beauty, and employs 250 people worldwide.
 Two-day training course on building better presentations.
 Preparing a presentation based on a given case; viewing the presentations, followed by feedback session and discussion.
 Preparing a presentation based on a real-life situation in ​​each participant's field; viewing the presentations, followed by a feedback session.
 Ensure that employees are able to deliver professional presentations
 Use our expertise to help our clients communicate better

• Help our clients become more comfortable when faced with challenging situations for their company