Team Performance Profile

Develop your skills as a manager

What is the Team Performance Profile?

The Team Performance Profile by Team Management Systems Development Ltd. is used to highlight the position of each individual in the wheel of team management and the interactions governing their personal potential.

Can anyone take this test?

This complete system has been developed for managers and their teams.

How is this tool used?

The Team Performance Profile questionnaire, which has been validated by the British Psychological Society, is analyzed by the software TMSDI to achieve a personalized analysis of 4500 words available in the main European languages. The analysis highlights individual achievement and team performance, helping each of its members to capitalize on his/her strengths on the basis of mutual respect and constructive problem solving. 

What use will it be for me?

The Team Performance Profile is a guide to practical implementation. It can be applied equally well to an individual's career as to the trajectory adopted by a team or to the achievement of operational objectives. The Team Performance Profile is a highly effective development tool ideally suited to individual or team coaching and team building activities.