Voice-overs & Subtitling

Do you want to reuse a video for international purposes or adapt its content to another language?.

As part of the translation and comprehensive management of your web content and communication multimedia, we also offer a service for translating and dubbing your corporate videos.

Have your corporate videos subtitled or dubbed

Your corporate films can be adapted to a foreign language using one of the following two methods:

  • Dubbing, or voice-over, performed by a dubber selected from a list of professionals working exclusively in their mother tongue to give the desired interpretation and intonation.
  • Subtitling, preceded by transcription and translation performed by our translators in accordance with the conventions of the number of displayable characters and reading time.


In dubbing your corporate videos or in having more information?


Audio and video recordings
"We’ve been working with Birdwell for 25 years. Such loyalty speaks volumes! When recording in time with the image, we appreciate their ability to correct our clients’ translations and find the right tone and spirit for our customers."
Thierry COURTAUD - Studio Miroslav Pilon