Welcoming large groups of visitors

Type of business: Building materials
Subject: Welcoming large groups of visitors
Improving the professionalism and impact of large delegations visiting one of the customer's sites
This collaboration with Birdwell was precious for me. It was not only English lessons on a specific topic but a real accompaniment and coaching on the best approach to adopt to prepare these visits.The skills of Birdwell in the domain of “Intercultural Relationships” were also key to be able to use not only the precise vocabulary but especially the appropriate behaviour according to the culture of the different visitors.
Audrey C. - Head of Research and Development
The client's Technology Center welcomes over 20,000 visitors per year. Some of these are important personalities from many different countries and cultures. The reasons for these visits and the information sought is different and varied.
In most cases, the success of these visits has a direct impact on the future of relations between the company and its visitors.
Despite the importance of these events, these visits are lacking in preparation and are supervised by the representatives of the company according to their availability.
Audrey C. was appointed head of the project by the director of the Services branch of the group, who wanted to improve these visits.
Individual coaching sessions focused on the preparation of visits upstream : the group's centers of interest; locations and rooms to focus on during the visits and key messages to be got over.
Role plays with feedback from the coach: training for the visit with question sessions
Highlight the different areas of competence of the company during site visits
Make better use of tools and locations already available (communication space and showroom…)
Build a client event together to present the group's business in the best conditions
Ensure good relations between the group, its clients, decision makers and other influential stakeholders through visits prepared "à la carte"