The world prism™ profiler

Identify and manage meeting the cultural orientations of your team

What is the Team Performance Profile?

The World Prism™ Profiler by Transnational Management Associates Ltd. © is a unique integrated profiling tool that allows the user to identify his dominant cultural orientations and compare them to the country, colleague or even the team of his choice.

How to identify cultural orientations?

Once potential areas of similarities and differences have been identified, users are advised on how to manage and solve any problems that may arise in business negotiations abroad. The variables of the World Prism™ by TMA were selected during studies in the field based on the potential impact they have on activities such as management, marketing, negotiation, decision-making, and team activities. 

What use will it be for me?

This tool is also applicable for the preparing missions abroad and for team-building activities in multicultural teams.